The Baird & Warner Story


Constantly, relentlessly reinventing, and developing new solutions for our clients since 1855 and into the future. It is hard to believe that what we know today as a great metropolis was once a small city with endless potential. When Baird & Warner founder Lyman Baird chose this area as his new home, Chicago was just 20 years old and had 85,000 residents.

From surviving the Great Chicago Fire to leading the fight for fair housing, Baird & Warner's long history is closely tied to that of the entire Chicagoland area.

1855 - The company records its first transaction, a $5,000 mortgage loan.



1871 - Following the Great Fire, the firm's safe and its 
records enable the City of Chicago to rebuild swiftly.






1928 - Baird & Warner's innovative "Portfolio of Fine Homes" pioneers home marketing.








1955 - Baird & Warner celebrates 100 landmark years.









1962 - John Baird takes a courageous stand for fair housing.






1988 - Baird & Warner launches Key Mortgage Services to provide unique lending options and the most advanced mortgage technology available.





2003 - Baird & Warner establishes its Title Services Business to deliver a seamless experience through an exclusive group of local expert attorneys.







2005 - Baird & Warner celebrates its 150th anniversary.








2015 - awarded Chicagoland's No. 1 real estate website for the third year in a row.





2017 - Baird & Warner is named to No. 1 Top Workplace in Chicagoland by the Chicago Tribune - its 5th consecutive award.           

Click here to view our 150th anniversary book, filled with fascinating stories and historical imagery.
You can also click here to view a digital copy of our centennial book, created in 1955.

For Baird & Warner, Chicagoland is more than just a market - it's home.